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A SSB Transceiver From The BC-453

In the early 1960s Ernie Mason, W6IQY (SK), who lived in San Diego, CA, designed and built a number of versions of a Single Side Band (SSB) transceiver using the BC-453 low frequency navigation receiver of the SCR-274-N system. The transceiver could be built to operate in the 80M or 40M amateur radio band. There were at least three versions of the design that I am aware of and there were numerous minor modifications to each version as Ernie was an inveterate tinkerer.

Ed Marriner, W6BLZ (SK), lived within a couple of miles of Ernie and the two of them collaborated on documenting the design of the transceivers. I have borrowed a copy of the booklet that Ed wrote, thanks to the generosity of Robert Nichols, W9RAN, which was published by Western Radio Amateur. It describes Version 2 of the design and it was first published in 1961. I have reproduced the booklet and added addenda with some biographical information about Ed Marriner, and Ernie Mason and his later SSB transceiver designs.

This reproduction is as true to the original writing of Ed Marriner as I can make it. In order to get it down to a reasonable .pdf file size, I retyped the text portion of the booklet and only scanned the pictures, schematics and drawings. I made every attempt to be true to the original booklet by including original typos and obvious text errors. The only change I made was to the font size and style of the text as delimited by the capability of my computerized text editor.

Be advised that this copy is for historical purposes only. I do not guarantee the accuracy of the document nor imply that anyone can build a working model of the transceiver from this copy. If you have questions about the text email me and I will check to see if it is my transcription error or Ed's original syntax.

You can download the document here. Be advised that the .pdf file is >40 Mb and can take minutes to download.

You can download another .pdf here that documents two later homebrew SSB transceivers that Ernie Mason designed and built.

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