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SSB Xceiver From BC-453

Basic Components

The SCR-274-N radio set is composed of Basic Components, such as receivers, transmitters and control boxes, and adapters, fittings, mounting brackets, racks, dynamotor power sources and cable systems.

Basic Components by ID
BC-442-A/M Antenna Relay Unit
BC-450-A Radio Control Box (3 receivers)
BC-451-A Radio Control Box (1-4 transmitters)
BC-453-A/B Radio Receiver (Navigation)
190-550 KC
BC-454-A/B Radio Receiver
3.0-6.0 MC
BC-455-A/B Radio Receiver
6.0-9.1 MC
BC-456-A/B/E Modulator Unit
BC-457-A Radio Transmitter
4.0-5.3 MC
BC-458-A Radio Transmitter
5.3-7.0 MC
BC-459-A Radio Transmitter
7.0-9.1 MC
BC-473-A/B Radio Control Box (1 receiver)
BC-496-A Radio Control Box (2 receivers)
BC-696-A Radio Transmitter
3.0-4.0 MC
BC-946-B Radio Receiver
.52-1.5 MC
Adapters, Fittings, Mounts, Racks, Dynamotors, Plugs by ID
DM-32-A Dynamotor (Receiver)  
DM-33-A Dynamotor (Modulator / Transmitter)  
FT-220-A Rack mount for 3 receivers  
FT-221-A Shock mount for FT-220-A  
FT-222-A Mount for BC-450-A  
FT-225-A Shock mount for Modulator BC-456-A/B
FT-226-A Rack mount for 2 Transmitters  
FT-227-A Shock mount for FT-226-A (2 Transmitter Rack)  
FT-228-A Mount for BC-451-A
FT-229-A Mount for BC-442-A/AM  
FT-230-A Adapter (receiver, remote control)  
FT-231-A Shock mount for FT-233-A
FT-232-A Shock mount for FT-234-A
FT-233-A Rack mount for 1 Receiver
FT-234-A Rack for 1 Transmitter


Mount for BC-473-A/B


Mount for BC-496-A  


Adapter (receiver, local control)  
FT-262 Shock mount for FT-276- (3 Transmitter Rack)  
FT-264-A Rack for 4 Receivers  
FT-276 Rack for 3 Transmitters  
FT-277-A Rack for 2 Receivers  
FT-278 Shock mount for FT-264-A (4 Receiver Rack)  
FT-279-A Shock mount for FT-277-A (2 Receiver Rack)  
FT-331-A Rack for 4 Transmitters  
FT-332-A Shock mount for FT-331-A (4 Transmitter Rack)  
M-231 Ferrule (used on primary power supply cords)  
F-232 Nut (used on primary power supply cords)  
MC-211-A Coupling (right angle, for receiver tuning shaft)  
MC-237 Control Unit (local, tuning)  
PL-147(-A) Plug (2-contact for cable)  
PL-148(-A) Plug (3-contact for cable)  
PL-151(-A) Plug (6-contact for cable)  
PL-152(-A) Plug (8-contact for cable)  
PL-153(-A) Plug (18-contact for cable)  
PL-154(-A) Plug (12-contact for cable)  
PL-156(-A) Plug (5-contact for cable)  
PL-157 Plug (2-contact for cable)(discontinued later)  
PL-158 Plug (2-contact for cable)(discontinued later)  
PL-192 Plug (Used in receiver rack w/FT-260-A for local control)  
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